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from Woman's Realm, September 1991

by Constance Craig Smith

"For the last 30 years I've lived in America, first in Los Angeles, then in New York, and then, since 1986, in Los Angeles. I think I would have had a different career if I'd gone back to London, probably would have done much more theatre. But I prefer the lifestyle in Los Angeles, and my wife, Sandra, prefers it there, despite everything that's happened there.

"There's really not much point in proselytizing about LA. People either love it or hate it— the traffic, the smog, the perpetually sunny weather. I can do without the first two, but I don't mind the other one. Especially when the sun lights up Sandy's hair."

Sandy, of course, is Sandy Ludlow. She and David met when he was working on The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and she guest-starred in an episode with the other Honeybears. "It was love at first sight," David says, "Although it took us some twenty years to admit it to ourselves. Of course, all our friends  claim they knew it all along. Why couldn't they have told us?

"In any case, our marriage was splashed all over the media, so there's no need to go into it. Our daughter, Madeline, is nearly 11 now, and I've really enjoyed being with her every step of the way— even when her mother and I weren't together as a couple, we were in each other's lives as friends. I never had the chance with my other children... I missed so much with them, that I tend to spoil Madeline. Not that she minds, of course."

His two sons by his first wife, Jill Ireland, visit them whenever they can. Val, 26, is a guitar player with Wilson Philips. Paul, 32, is an underwater photographer. His children with his second wife, Kathie Carpenter, spend school vacations with David and Sandy. Peter, 20, attends university in the south, while Sophie, "16-going-on-30", is at boarding school. Since Sandy's daughter from her first marriage to ex-Monkee Davy Jones lives with them as well, "You can imagine it gets rather crowded around the beach house every summer."


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